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Winter Escape

Finally, I found the California snow! Ran away with some friends for an awesome long weekend, where I discovered the beauty of (and my unexpected skills in) cross-country skiing! Obviously there are more photos to come.

Scenes snuck through the snow

Portrait of me taken by Gabi. Thanks Gab.

Snowy Park City

The constant downfall of snow at a 45 degree angle in Park City, UT, made it tough but even more appealing to try to get some photos. Managed to snag some during a walk down Main Street during the peak of Sundance Festival time, but they don’t come close to doing justice to the town that I am now hatching some serious plans to move to one day.

Another snow falls in Brooklyn

The general consensus in New York is that people are sick of the snow. Freezing rain, slushy ponds at the corners of sidewalks, snow piled up everywhere, blah blah blah. I love it. If we have to endure frigid temperatures and gray skies, I appreciate an aesthetic highlight.

Christmas Morning

I have gratitude beyond measure for my family’s generosity, always, and especially around the holidays.