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Summer throwback

This summer I lived alongside Sarah & Matt, who would do wonderful things like jar pears from the backyard for fun. With cinnamon. And brandy. Oh yes. Brandy.

Summer throwback to Sarah’s garden

The real highlight

As expected, the Ben & Jerry’s Factory was touristy, fun and delicious. But I would venture to say that for my group of travelers, the real highlight was the discovery of Open Hearth Pizza.

They use a wood-fired oven on the spot and have a variety of tasty-looking options, which is all well and good. But we were three women born and raised in the New York area. If it doesn’t taste good, we don’t really care how it’s made. And this pizza was better than good. It was the best any of us had had in a long time. Which we couldn’t help saying over and over, even after we’d moved on to the ice cream.

I won’t give away the secret that was revealed to us regarding how it’s so delicious but I will say, it’s always in the water.

On the road of Vermont tourism: The Ben & Jerry’s Factory

(They’ve got their branding AND amenities down at this place- great water fountains in the signature cow motif.)


Your subjects are supposed to look like they can’t get far enough away from you, right?

She was dressed so well, there was just no point in resisting.