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Beginning of the sunrise

Chris, Lauren and I arrived in Cape Cod just before sunrise. After almost 2 straight days awake, what’s another 30 minutes? Totally worth it.

At the winery

After walking into the Robert Strong tasting room.

Post-river lounging

I went camping this weekend! God do I love getting out of cell phone range and onto a river. Such fun, with friends who kindly tolerate my camera. And how could I resist when scenes like this happen naturally?

1966 Mercedes 230

My friend Jason and I were driving through Point Reyes and screeched to a halt upon seeing this 1966 Mercedes with a roof rack for sale.

(Cheek in palm. Sigh.)

I was this close- THIS CLOSE!- to calling them up and making an offer, crazy mileage, dreamcatcher and all, until I realized that it was a standard. And friends, I am not ashamed to admit that I’m hesitant about driving a stick around this city. I’m still working on my battle vs. SF gravity while walking, not ready yet to take it on with wheels.