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Kristen’s braid

At a rest stop in Glacier

The lovers, the dreamers and me

(“Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection…”)

Farady Bikes at the Ferry Building

People often ask me why I moved from New York to San Francisco and in answering, I usually cite the bullet points of quality of life, good pictures, being outdoors, friendlier people. All of these were pretty much proven by my random encounter on Saturday afternoon with Faraday Bikes.

I rode my bike to the Ferry Building to reward myself after a morning of shooting with a farmers market burger. No sooner did I take my helmet off then I was approached by some nice Faraday folks and putting it back on to test ride their sweet sweet electric bike.

The bicycles are beautiful and the ride is fun and fast, especially with the help of a booster button that makes starting again at a light so much easier. They’re working to have these on the market soon and and I can only imagine they’ll be picked up quickly. Good luck guys!

You are invited

I’ve recently started to get to know and work with the folks of The Workshop Residence, a fantastic program in Dogpatch. Providing residence and production facilities to artists who produce limited edition works, it “aims to foster and promote innovative cross-pollination between the worlds of craft, art and design.”

The artist currently in residence is Lauren DiCioccio , whose work is thought-provoking and beautiful and friendly nature is infectious. Last Sunday, she led an embroidery workshop, at which I happily spent hours at a long table, meeting new people and concentrating on tiny stitches, a pretty impressive feat.


This morning I was up way before the sun, dressed in a bunch of hiking layers, grabbed my photo backpack and joined a team at Rock City on Mt. Diablo for my favorite shoot to date.

Can’t post any photos until they’re delivered, so until then, here’s a shot of a well-worn carabiner spotted at the base of the rock.