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The Hold

© Brian Ulrich

JC Penny, 2009

from the series Dark Stores, Ghost Boxes and Dead Malls

first seen Fraction Magazine : Issue 11

Brian’s website

The Hold

© Andre Kertesz

Poughkeepsie, New York

Andre Kertesz in Photography Now

The Hold

© Jerome Corpuz

Jerome’s website

The Hold

© Andy Freeberg

“Cheim & Read”

from the series Sentry: Gallery Desks in Chelsea

Andy’s website

The Hold

© Hollis Brown Thornton


Hollis’s website

found on 20×200

The Hold

© Abelardo Morell

Camera Obscura: Garden With Olive Tree Inside Room With Plants, Outside Florence. Italy, 2009

Abelardo’s website

The Hold

© Melodie McDaniel

“Spike Jonze, the director with the childlike imagination, and the actor Max Records. (Jonze is the one without a wolf suit.)”

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The Hold

© Richard Gary

from the series Tidewater Virginia

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The Hold

© Joshua Blake

from the series Fantasy

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