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Beer, football and the Golden Gate Bridge

After this Super Bowl on the roof (thanks Kristen’s friends!), I don’t know how I can go back to watching football in just a bar.

New York City Marathon runners. Just like us. But way better.

In a feat only possible with the aid of the (otherwise soul-crushing) fall daylight savings, I rose early enough on Sunday morning to meet my friend Jenn and watch the marathon pass us by in Brooklyn.

This was my first in-person viewing and I think it’d be impossible not to be moved by it. Not only are there tons of people lining the streets early on a Sunday morning, but you’re watching your fellow New Yorkers running. Not professionals. Not million-dollar athletes. Your neighbors and your friends.

Well, your neighbors, your friends, and this guy, whose feet barely touched the ground, he and his front-running buddies were going so fast.

My two favorite things to see as a marathon viewer: people who put their names on their shirts and people who were smiling as they ran. I appreciate the ability to cheer specifically.

Perhaps not the world’s best picture, but props must be given to the man who planned to run over 26 miles in a speedo and cape.

And Waldo! Gotcha!

Brooklynites did not disappoint with interesting spectator paraphernalia. For a while I was standing under a guy with a Canadian flag and it took me far too long to realize that people were not flashing huge smiles and fist pumping at me. That dude was pop-u-lar. Flags make you friends. Noted.

I’ve only recently started to like running and never thought a marathon would be appealing, but I have to say, watching it did make me wonder. Such an impressive, amazing thing to accomplish. Plus, I wouldn’t mind running through the streets of New York with a bunch of people cheering me on.

Women’s Ball Hockey

On Saturday afternoon, I had the chance to photograph the First Annual NYC Women’s Ball Hockey Tournament in Tompkins Square Park.

The teams: The Betty Whites, Typhoid Marys, Linda Hamiltons & Madeline Albrights.

As explained on their poster, “This sport requires a stick and a ball. No rollerblades. No ice skates. No fear.”

These ladies were hard-core and seemed to be having a great time. So entertaining, and I was proud to watch my sister play among them.


My friend Jenn completed the New York City Triathlon on Sunday. Words can barely describe how impressed I am by such a feat.

It’s back baby! World Cup recap.

The World Cup captured the hearts, minds, conversations and hidden at-work computer screens of many Americans over the past month and I was no exception.  To kick off the resurrection of this blog and commemorate what I was up to while not posting, here are some of my favorite photographs from my World Cup viewings.

Finnerty’s – USA vs. England

Beckett’s – USA vs. Ghana

The Brass Monkey – Spain vs. Netherlands for the World Cup