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Peek behind the scenes

Terry Heffernan, master photographer and man behind Dogpatch Studios, asked me to create a behind-the-scenes video of his shoot recently. A two day extravaganza of shooting, hand-modeling and cooking, with the indispensable food stylist Ann Belden, it was such a pleasure to be on set with these talented creatives.

Video in Rue Magazine!

I’m so thrilled to have my video in the new issue of Rue Magazine and must thank stylist Lisa Moir and photographer Chelsea Millunchick for having me take part in the shoot! The photographs are just as stunning.


In finishing up some behind-the-scenes videos, I came across this image from a shoot I was lucky enough to be on with photographer Diego Uchitel. Looking forward to sharing the full piece soon!


Last Sunday I was asked to take some behind-the-scenes footage for Sarah at Modern Kids Photography. I’m so excited to show the stills and video to come from it the gorgeous day, but first here’s a portrait I love, snapped quickly in-between takes of Lisa, the extremely talented stylist of the shoot.

The Crew of Gravity

It’s a lot of fun to work with a group of talented, hilarious and dedicated people towards the creation of a great piece of art.

But it’s even better when they’re so damn attractive.

I left New York City this weekend for the rolling hills of Woodstock to take on-set photographs for an NYU grad student film, many of which will be posted here soon. Until then, here are some of my favorite off-set sartorial shots.

John, Line Producer

Anne, Unit Production Manager

Joey, Gaffer

Pam, Director/Writer

The feet of John Morrow

Mario, Photographer

Ross, Animal Wrangler

Kiel, 1st Assistant Director

Kim, 1st Assistant Camera