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This is me

UPDATE: This was all resolved happily, thank goodness, so now this is just a self-indulgent post with pictures of me : )

There are some great days, like yesterday, when you spend the day outside on a sunny shoot with another great photographer and a whole bunch of adorable kids. (Thanks Sarah!)

And then there are less-great days, like today, when you get confirmation that someone is photographing and telling people that she’s you.

It is so disturbing to find that someone else is giving people my name, on a personal and professional level. And to make sure that people know who it is that they should be hiring as ‘Kara Brodgesell’, this is me.

And this is me

And this is me

On the road

My friend Jason took this photo on our road trip from SF a few months ago. It’s not a particularly stunning portrait of me but it captures that moment and freedom of pulling over to stop the car for a picture so I love it.

Wedding shooting

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of second shooting a wedding with the fantastic Mary McHenry in Petaluma and she just sent over this shot from it.

THIS. Shooting in spaces like this, alongside talented and lovely photographers, is what makes me so thrilled to be working on this coast.

(You can’t quite see it here but I also got to wear cowboy boots to this ranch wedding. What more could you want??)

Ike’s Sandwiches in Dolores Park

My sister introduced me to Ike’s Place sandwiches, Cheerwine and Dolores Park all in one lunch. I’d say that’s a pretty great use of a Monday afternoon.

First stop on the 17-mile drive

Photographed by Kristen. Thanks Kristen.

Gabi the Great

My roommate Gabi is a wildly talented photographer. Which means that in addition to having an awesome friend and apartment-mate, I also get to have random photo shoots pop up all over my life and home.

And lately, Gab is KILLING IT. Between our roof and the sunshine and her inherent magic, she’s been making some really fun work. Do yourself a favor and be sure you’re keeping up with it on her blog and tumblr.

All images © Gabriela Herman