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On repeat

‘Wetsuit’ by The Vaccines has been in ridiculous overplay for me this week (your fault, Songza!) It’s one of those songs that makes you want to run around in the sun and say fuck it all. (After looking for a video through which to share it here, seems I’m obviously not alone in feeling that way!)

Put a wetsuit on, come on come. Grow your hair out long, come on come. Put a t-shirt on, do me wrong do me wrong do me wrong.

“Can’t make no vows to a herd of cows”

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a movie from the 1950s about 1850s Oregon and a what happens when a backwoodsman finds a wife on a day-trip to town and brings her home to his six brothers, who decide they want to get married too.

It is also, I’m now pretty sure, the reason I think a real man should be able to dance as well as he can wield an axe.

If you watched this in your youth, I expect you’d have the same nostalgic, smiling jaw-drop that I did upon revisiting it. Without those wistful memories, your reaction will probably be more along the lines of ‘this shit is crazy’. Mostly because, in their attempt to find wives and inspired by the Roman capture of the Sabine women, the brothers essentially kidnap and hold six women hostage through the winter (but deep down they have good hearts, and really, does it sound so bad to be off the grid in the Oregon woods with a bunch of burly, ginger-haired men? I can think of worse things).

Never an A-list videocassette in our house, like Sound of Music or Mary Martin’s Peter Pan, but a solid B and got enough screen time for me to distinctly remember the costumes, lyrics to all of the songs and which brothers I thought were the cutest (we would identify them by their shirt colors in this scene below, surely as the costume designer intended).

Goodnight, Texas

Last night I was reminded how essential and mesmerizing it is to see music performed live when I went to see a buddy perform with his band Goodnight, Texas. Haunting and folkie and beautiful songs- I can’t wait to see them again soon.

St. Frankenstein

Last week I was walking through my neighborhood, past a corner I see many times a day, except on this happy afternoon, there was music streaming from it, thanks to Gary and his homemade pianobike, St. Frankenstein. I love the things people do here to make themselves and others smile.



It’s so bittersweet when a song like this comes into your life at the right time.

The electric anthem

I was at a Mets game yesterday (which you probably already know if we’re connected through Twitter, Facebook, or gchat. I really do wonder about this hyper-connectivity sometimes..)

And in a performance unlike anything I’d ever heard, the National Anthem was played by a member of the New York Philharmonic, on a pink electric violin, made from a Louisville Slugger bat.

Impressive is an understatement. Click below and have a listen.

National Anthem on pink electric violin made from Louisville Slugger bat at Mets game

New Tunes

Many more happy Texas photos to come soon, but I wanted to share some tunes, which is a little out of the norm for me.

I was in Austin for the wedding of my friend Buzzy to the phenomenal, kind and beautiful Elisha. Among the many striking parts of the weekend was the incorporation of music. Here are three songs I’m excited to have been introduced to.