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All Hail Winter

Damon Winter has a beautiful slideshow accompanying the New York Times article “Rural Haiti Struggles to Absorb Displaced”. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

All images © Damon Winter

The Hold – 2.24.2010

© Peter van Agtmael

“(Jan. 9, 2:24 p.m.) At a photo shoot for American Songwriter magazine at Sophie’s, a bar in Manhattan’s East Village.”

from The Run Up: Nine Days on the Road with Jeff Bridges for The New York Times

Peter’s website

The Hold – 2.22.2010

© Christopher Anderson

“Milan, Backstage at Alberta Ferretti”

Christopher Anderson at Magnum Photos

The Hold – 2.21.2010

© Benjamin Lowy

“Tod’s Party for the premiere of “Pashmy Dream”, Milan”

Benjamin’s website

The Hold – 2.12.2010

© Dorothea Lange

White Angel Bread Line

The Hold – 11.17.09

© Newsha Tavakolian

“Muslim pilgrims walking” from her Haj project

her website

The Hold – 11.12.2009

Screen shot 2009-11-10 at 2.24.42 PM

© Benjamin Norman

from his Wall St portfolio

his website

The Hold – 11.03.2009

In honor of election day and New York City’s very important vote for mayor, here’s a photograph by Todd Heisler, photographer for the New York Times and one of the best photojournalists of this city.


© Todd Heisler

“In recent years, the demographics of Flushing, Queens have shifted to a largely Chinese population, making the neighborhood a second bustling Chinatown in New York City.”

from his Main Street NYC portfolio, which can be seen at the New York Times here

his website

The Hold – 10.30.2009


© Tim Hetherington

grenades marked by an American soldier

his website