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Summer in San Francisco is notoriously chilly and my wallet is steadfastly shut, but neither of those issues got in the way of these recent purchases. I’m such a summer girl! And it was time to get some new color in the closet.

The light scarf is a Bay Area must, the short dress with my cowboy boots is my new favorite ensemble and the bathing suit will be worn on the river this weekend. So at least they’re all put to use quickly!

Into the Sun

Stylist Lisa Moir and photographer Chelsea Millunchick are both very talented professionals and wonderful women and I jump at the chance to work with them. So it was a no-brainer to join them on the beach in Montara for a shoot of the studly Jayce (w/ Ford) and stunning Lauren (w/ Stars).

Given the freedom of shooting as I wished, I was excited to try a departure from the behind-the-scenes work of late for a short video based solely on the models. And I found myself working with the idea of what it feels like to remember a relationship in its ideal existence, or hope for one as you wish it could be. I hope it’s as enjoyable to watch as it was for me to make!

And don’t miss Chelsea’s gorgeous photographs from the shoot, featured in M Magazine!

I also have to give a shout-out to my brilliant friend Buzzy Cohen, who keeps humoring me when I beg him for help with music and suggested this perfect Stone Darling song, who were awesome enough to give me the “ok” to use it. Thank you!



I was in LA last weekend to celebrate my friend’s birthday at Santa Anita Park (obviously more photographs to follow soon. A wonderful visual overload, was tough to put the camera down and actually watch the races). The friends he gathered were in top form with some fantastic attire, but once Carol arrived in her red dress and serendipitously racetrack-matching green shoes, the contest for Best Dressed Woman was done and done.

Triple Aught Design

Here are some shots from the Dogpatch retail store of Triple Aught Design. Their mission is “To create legendary apparel and equipment by blending innovation, classic design and modern technology” and you can see it in the clean, well-crafted, utilitarian quality of their products. Plus, shooting there made me really want to throw some on some of their clothes, jump in that truck and go on an adventure.

Danette and Lemon Twist

I’ve been working on a new project about Dogpatch that I’m so excited to reveal soon. But until then, here’s a teaser- Danette is the owner and designer of Lemon Twist and their boutique is just catty-cornered from my home. Wonderful and dangerous all at once.

Video in Rue Magazine!

I’m so thrilled to have my video in the new issue of Rue Magazine and must thank stylist Lisa Moir and photographer Chelsea Millunchick for having me take part in the shoot! The photographs are just as stunning.

Portrait before the film

As I sat outside listening to a local band, watching the light fade and waiting for the start of the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival‘s evening feature with my island ambassador and photo goddess Gabi, I could not resist shooting this girl. So full of style, with an immediate smile and good nature.

Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

A beautiful event and experience, and there’s another on August 28-29. Should you be in New York City, make it a point to catch the ferry to Governors Island and the 1920s.

The Crew of Gravity

It’s a lot of fun to work with a group of talented, hilarious and dedicated people towards the creation of a great piece of art.

But it’s even better when they’re so damn attractive.

I left New York City this weekend for the rolling hills of Woodstock to take on-set photographs for an NYU grad student film, many of which will be posted here soon. Until then, here are some of my favorite off-set sartorial shots.

John, Line Producer

Anne, Unit Production Manager

Joey, Gaffer

Pam, Director/Writer

The feet of John Morrow

Mario, Photographer

Ross, Animal Wrangler

Kiel, 1st Assistant Director

Kim, 1st Assistant Camera