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Very proud to spend Memorial Day with my grandfather, a veteran of World War 2 and Navy man at heart.

Mom’s cookies from Grandma’s recipe

At the end of the night, with help from my dad, mom, sister, aunt, uncle and cousin, there were 2 left.

A weekend in the spring in New York

Neighbor's dogwood tree

Oma's dining room table

Mom at the game

My breakfast on the roof with Sally

Mother's Day Mets game

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Tuesday Brewery

Last week, to check off an item on Kristen’s epic ‘Goodbye NYC’ bucket list, she and I went on a tour of Brooklyn Brewery. And it was awesome.

It was fun to see the facilities and it was fun to meet and hang out with the other tour-mates (there were 6 of us on the newly-instated Tuesday tour, which surely beats the hundreds they get on weekends).

And it was especially fun to have the beer tasting, where I was surprised to find that I can like hoppy beer and will now be on the hunt for Brooklyn Brewery’s reserve beers wherever I go. I haven’t gone so far as to think about brewing my own beer though. At least not yet.

A simultaneous celebration and lamentation

She said she wanted California, and out through April she goes.

Left alone for a while, hidden by concrete braces of that East side.

But now it has unfolded.

And we will miss her.