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Glacier National Park

Swimming in the river


I’m finishing up editing a video of the gorgeous wedding of Zamile and David and this is the one still I took during all of the shooting. How could I resist?


1966 Mercedes 230

My friend Jason and I were driving through Point Reyes and screeched to a halt upon seeing this 1966 Mercedes with a roof rack for sale.

(Cheek in palm. Sigh.)

I was this close- THIS CLOSE!- to calling them up and making an offer, crazy mileage, dreamcatcher and all, until I realized that it was a standard. And friends, I am not ashamed to admit that I’m hesitant about driving a stick around this city. I’m still working on my battle vs. SF gravity while walking, not ready yet to take it on with wheels.


For one of my final New York City meals, my friend Lirra suggested the Flatiron food extravaganza called Eataly. Part market, part restaurant, all deliciousness, it’s an overload of the senses in the best possible way.