About Kara

I am a photographer, writer, dancer, park-lover, night-owl and lemonade-chugger, using this site to show recent work and ruminate on life and photography.

If you haven’t had enough of me yet, please check out my website or follow me on Twitter. You can also email me at kara@karabrodgesell.com.

7 thoughts on “About Kara

  1. sarah says:

    Hi Kara!

    Love your blog. Your cousin Allison in SF sent me your way. Trying to find your email but can’t seem to find it. Would love to pitch something to you. 🙂 Please email me when you get a moment. Thanks!

  2. myblogject says:

    Love the site. Amazing photos, I’m sure you don’t need someone to tell you that though.

  3. Amazing photographs, really love the site. I am actually speechless!

  4. coffeeantics says:

    I truly adore your blog, your photography is simply beautiful! I wanted you to know that I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” Award(:
    Come check it out at http://coffeeantics.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/123/.
    Keep up with the amazing stuff!
    Anna Garcia

  5. kara, so glad i found you and your blog – love your style! looking forward to following you, keep up the great work!

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