Monthly Archives: July 2012


At the winery

After walking into the Robert Strong tasting room.


Simple, but perhaps my favorite photograph from the 4th of July celebration.

Day off

Happy 4th! May you be celebrating in whichever ways you see fit. (This is usually how I see fit.)

Seeing red…and plaid

First course of Jesse’s dinner.

Post-river lounging

I went camping this weekend! God do I love getting out of cell phone range and onto a river. Such fun, with friends who kindly tolerate my camera. And how could I resist when scenes like this happen naturally?

Seeing Red

Trips to the major grocery store are an exciting thing for me in this city, where I don’t have one within walking distance or a car, so it’s often a bike/backpack type of deal. After stopping at one recently without a list, I was entertained but not entirely surprised that I ended up with only red produce. Looks delicious, doesn’t it?