Monthly Archives: June 2012


Summer in San Francisco is notoriously chilly and my wallet is steadfastly shut, but neither of those issues got in the way of these recent purchases. I’m such a summer girl! And it was time to get some new color in the closet.

The light scarf is a Bay Area must, the short dress with my cowboy boots is my new favorite ensemble and the bathing suit will be worn on the river this weekend. So at least they’re all put to use quickly!

This is me

UPDATE: This was all resolved happily, thank goodness, so now this is just a self-indulgent post with pictures of me : )

There are some great days, like yesterday, when you spend the day outside on a sunny shoot with another great photographer and a whole bunch of adorable kids. (Thanks Sarah!)

And then there are less-great days, like today, when you get confirmation that someone is photographing and telling people that she’s you.

It is so disturbing to find that someone else is giving people my name, on a personal and professional level. And to make sure that people know who it is that they should be hiring as ‘Kara Brodgesell’, this is me.

And this is me

And this is me

West coast

Of course I was at Lands End for a brilliant sunset without my real camera. Times when you have to be glad you have your iPhone and smile.

Acme bread

On the table at Serpentine

I’m really starting to feel like Nevada is just in the way


I’m finishing up editing a video of the gorgeous wedding of Zamile and David and this is the one still I took during all of the shooting. How could I resist?


Back in San Francisco

After nearly a month of (happily) bouncing between the coasts, I’m back in California for a bit. First stop in the morning- coffee and a snack from Piccino’s. It’s good to be back.

On the road

My friend Jason took this photo on our road trip from SF a few months ago. It’s not a particularly stunning portrait of me but it captures that moment and freedom of pulling over to stop the car for a picture so I love it.