I was in LA last weekend to celebrate my friend’s birthday at Santa Anita Park (obviously more photographs to follow soon. A wonderful visual overload, was tough to put the camera down and actually watch the races). The friends he gathered were in top form with some fantastic attire, but once Carol arrived in her red dress and serendipitously racetrack-matching green shoes, the contest for Best Dressed Woman was done and done.


6 thoughts on “Carol

  1. this so weird…i was just looking at photos on FB that a friend of mine was tagged in and then saw your blog post and realized we have that same friend in common…emily bb… crazy small world!

    • karabrodgesell says:

      That’s so funny! Love how that can happen. I just met Emily that day but she was so sweet and gave my friend Buzzy the most awesome birthday gift- brass dice! Clearly a classy lady.

  2. blushing…
    kara. you have made a girl’s day with this blog post. i have not felt this pretty in a long, long time. i’ve not believed it in a long, long time. a testament to your eye and your passion for bringing out the beauty in all things you see.
    thank you. thank you. thank you.

    • karabrodgesell says:

      Carol, I think this is the best reaction to a photograph I’ve ever received! Thank you! Honestly I did very little though, your beauty had to be recorded and I’m so glad you allowed me to photograph you on that stunning day.

  3. haints1932 says:

    My friend Carol is STUNNING! Thanks Kara for taking this picture 🙂

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