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Sweet home in Oakland

I love visiting my friend Sally in Oakland. Her house, shared with two other fine ladies, is simple, calm and beautiful, with amazing light throughout the day. I really need to invite myself over to work there more often!

South Beach Harbor

Studio snacks

So much more to follow soon from a beautiful shoot in a local printmaker’s studio….

You are invited

I’ve recently started to get to know and work with the folks of The Workshop Residence, a fantastic program in Dogpatch. Providing residence and production facilities to artists who produce limited edition works, it “aims to foster and promote innovative cross-pollination between the worlds of craft, art and design.”

The artist currently in residence is Lauren DiCioccio , whose work is thought-provoking and beautiful and friendly nature is infectious. Last Sunday, she led an embroidery workshop, at which I happily spent hours at a long table, meeting new people and concentrating on tiny stitches, a pretty impressive feat.

To worry and not to worry about

Things to worry about:

Worry about courage
Worry about Cleanliness
Worry about efficiency
Worry about horsemanship
Worry about. . .

Things not to worry about:

Don’t worry about popular opinion
Don’t worry about dolls
Don’t worry about the past
Don’t worry about the future
Don’t worry about growing up
Don’t worry about anybody getting ahead of you
Don’t worry about triumph
Don’t worry about failure unless it comes through your own fault
Don’t worry about mosquitoes
Don’t worry about flies
Don’t worry about insects in general
Don’t worry about parents
Don’t worry about boys
Don’t worry about disappointments
Don’t worry about pleasures
Don’t worry about satisfactions

– F. Scott Fitzgerald, in a letter to his 11 year-old daughter

Read and enjoyed thanks to Letters of Note, rapidly becoming one of my favorite sites


1966 Mercedes 230

My friend Jason and I were driving through Point Reyes and screeched to a halt upon seeing this 1966 Mercedes with a roof rack for sale.

(Cheek in palm. Sigh.)

I was this close- THIS CLOSE!- to calling them up and making an offer, crazy mileage, dreamcatcher and all, until I realized that it was a standard. And friends, I am not ashamed to admit that I’m hesitant about driving a stick around this city. I’m still working on my battle vs. SF gravity while walking, not ready yet to take it on with wheels.