Monthly Archives: June 2011


Your subjects are supposed to look like they can’t get far enough away from you, right?

She was dressed so well, there was just no point in resisting.


I dare you not to fall in love with peonies.

My ride

Perhaps not as glamorous, but I think it looks damn good in the country.

Western riding

I currently have blisters all over my right hand, a pile of smelly, dusty clothes and the most unattractive wide-legged waddle. Why am I so happy about this? Cause I went horseback riding yesterday. And it was AWESOME.

Not only was it so fun to get back in the saddle, but- screw modesty- I rocked the barrel racing. (Largely, I suspect, due my responsive and energetic horse.)

Racing amongst green mountains on a clear and sunny day- what more can you ask for? I want to go again, immediately. I’ve only ever ridden English, so I’ll have to work on losing the upright posture and locked elbows driven into me by years of training, but it’s a commitment I am soooo willing to make.