Monthly Archives: May 2011

A horizontal theme

Spent the weekend out of New York City, shooting two events on the big cameras and little bits on the iPhone. As usual in leaving the city, inspiration was abound.

Gabi the Great

My roommate Gabi is a wildly talented photographer. Which means that in addition to having an awesome friend and apartment-mate, I also get to have random photo shoots pop up all over my life and home.

And lately, Gab is KILLING IT. Between our roof and the sunshine and her inherent magic, she’s been making some really fun work. Do yourself a favor and be sure you’re keeping up with it on her blog and tumblr.

All images © Gabriela Herman

Tar portraits

Found these little faces in the surface of our roof. I especially like the pompadour on the first one and the way the second seems to be scratching his head in thought, as I often am when sitting up there above the street.

His and hers dinners

(You can see all of my food photographs together here)