Monthly Archives: July 2010

A morning breakfast

Sometimes, on really lucky days, you wake up and you can barely believe the beauty around you and the good company you’re in. That’s how I felt this morning at the gorgeous home of the lovely, generous and talented photographer Francine Fleischer.


My friend Jenn completed the New York City Triathlon on Sunday. Words can barely describe how impressed I am by such a feat.


Happy (almost) weekend! Get thee to a beach.

It’s back baby! World Cup recap.

The World Cup captured the hearts, minds, conversations and hidden at-work computer screens of many Americans over the past month and I was no exception.  To kick off the resurrection of this blog and commemorate what I was up to while not posting, here are some of my favorite photographs from my World Cup viewings.

Finnerty’s – USA vs. England

Beckett’s – USA vs. Ghana

The Brass Monkey – Spain vs. Netherlands for the World Cup