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Digitalness and writing

Stories are a metaphor for life, and as a result, you’re really saddled with life. And so you can’t get all digital about life. You still have to have characters, even if they’re cartoons, they still have to have interactions with each other in their world, they still have to have desires they’re pursuing, there’s still the question of value: survival or death, love/hate, truth/lie, courage/cowardice, I mean, these values are eternal.

Robert McKee

In the office

I have been accidentally, but slowly, killing this plant.

The Hold

© Brian Ulrich

JC Penny, 2009

from the series Dark Stores, Ghost Boxes and Dead Malls

first seen Fraction Magazine : Issue 11

Brian’s website

The Hold

© Andre Kertesz

Poughkeepsie, New York

Andre Kertesz in Photography Now