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The Hold

© Edward Weston

Shell, 1927

Website for Edward Weston


“I see no reason for recording the obvious.”

-Edward Weston

from Photography Now online portfolio

The Hold

© Jerome Corpuz

Jerome’s website

The Hold

© Andy Freeberg

“Cheim & Read”

from the series Sentry: Gallery Desks in Chelsea

Andy’s website

The Hold

© Mike & Doug Starn

Blot Out The Sun 1

The Starn Studio website

The Crew of Gravity

It’s a lot of fun to work with a group of talented, hilarious and dedicated people towards the creation of a great piece of art.

But it’s even better when they’re so damn attractive.

I left New York City this weekend for the rolling hills of Woodstock to take on-set photographs for an NYU grad student film, many of which will be posted here soon. Until then, here are some of my favorite off-set sartorial shots.

John, Line Producer

Anne, Unit Production Manager

Joey, Gaffer

Pam, Director/Writer

The feet of John Morrow

Mario, Photographer

Ross, Animal Wrangler

Kiel, 1st Assistant Director

Kim, 1st Assistant Camera

The Hold

© Sigurjon Gudjonsson

from the project Yankees

Sigurjon’s website

Touching Strangers

Do yourself a favor and check out Richard Renaldi‘s body of work Touching Strangers. I just revisited his website and was struck, yet again, by the quiet but palpable connection between the photographer and subjects. It makes you think about the impact of the smallest points of contact and the way we all live so close to each other, but know so few of those we encounter. To me, the photographs bring about that perfect half-smile of enjoyment and provocation.

All photographs © Richard Renaldi

A Lazy Day of Springtime Gazing

I skipped over to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens yesterday, with a friend and about half of Brooklyn, to gaze dreamily the cherry blossoms and blooming tulips. But, while it was just as lovely as I expected, I found myself taking more photos of the people in the space than the flowers themselves. People in the springtime- endlessly entertaining. (Click on the photo to see a larger version.)