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East Meets West

This weekend I found myself in some unfamiliar territory- the Upper East Side and the Wild West. At the same time.

Billy Martin’s is beautiful store for unique, western-inspired apparel and I had the chance to shoot some publicity photos for them. Here are a few of my favorite outtakes.

The Hold – 2.26.2010

© Rena Effendi

“Gula, a 22 year old Uzbek woman left her husband because he took a second wife. She now sells icecream in a park. Osh, Kygryzstan. September, 2007”

from House of Happiness: Woman at Risk in the Ferghana Valley

Rena’s website

The Hold – 2.24.2010

© Peter van Agtmael

“(Jan. 9, 2:24 p.m.) At a photo shoot for American Songwriter magazine at Sophie’s, a bar in Manhattan’s East Village.”

from The Run Up: Nine Days on the Road with Jeff Bridges for The New York Times

Peter’s website

The Hold – 2.23.2010

© Roderik Henderson

from transvoid

Roderik’s website

Outside Myself


outside myself

there is a world,

he rumbled, subject to my incursions

-a world

(to me) at rest,

which I approach


Sunday in the Park by William Carlos Williams

Holga Love

Lately been going through the final roles from my days as a carefree film shooter. Holga…summer…saturated color…. makes me so happy that I had to share.

The Hold – 2.22.2010

© Christopher Anderson

“Milan, Backstage at Alberta Ferretti”

Christopher Anderson at Magnum Photos

The Hold – 2.21.2010

© Benjamin Lowy

“Tod’s Party for the premiere of “Pashmy Dream”, Milan”

Benjamin’s website

Little things

In my two years of living in New York City, I’ve found that there’s nothing like leaving the city to help you examine your life in it. Last week I drove through New Jersey and was in a fit of excitement about my “getaway.” (The analysis of that over-reaction is still being processed.)

Over New Years, I traveled to San Francisco to reunite with some college friends who have stubbornly refused to follow me wherever I go. So I go to them because they are amazing, caring, thoughtful people. They challenge me while supporting me and make me a more interested person. And they talk about food. A lot. I didn’t realize how low food is on the totem-pole of my life considerations until I hung around them for a couple of days.

Between these food talks and luxury of vacation time, I found myself taking pictures of the little things around me. And in doing that, I was able to let go of my self-inflicted pressure to take important pictures of important subjects. This release, and the simple act of picking up my camera more, are just a few of the things I’ve tried to bring back to my life in New York this year.

New and old friends sharing breakfast in Sequoia on New Year’s Eve morning. Sets the bar pretty high for 2010.