A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action

Lately, I have found myself with a lot of ideas. For poems, scenes, inventions, images, songs, websites, etc. And I get very excited about them.

But I have also found that there is no one holding me to following through on these ideas but myself.  This, and the fear that I may become one of those people who’s all talk and no action, has led to my interest in the two following quotes:

You’ve got to have something to say. It could be conceptual, or you can try to save the world as a photojournalist. But you can’t just be a technician. Everybody’s a technician. You’ve got to have an idea.”

David Allen Harvey, from a PDN article on his Burn Magazine


“Some photographers think the idea is enough. I told a good story in my Getty talk, a beautiful story, to the point: Ducasse says to his friend Mallarmé — I think this is a true story — he says, ‘You know, I’ve got a lot of good ideas for poems, but the poems are never very good.” Mallarmé says, “Of course, you don’t make poems out of ideas, you make poems out of words.’ ”

Bradley Peters, from a conversation on Conscientious

Both were originally brought to my attention via the always-thoughtful blog A Photo Editor

One thought on “A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action

  1. Amoutcete says:

    Awesome story, did not thought it would be so interesting when I saw the title with link!!

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